The Base Cheater System

Base Cheaters are a quick, easy way to base your miniatures.  It only takes a minute and it’s permanent.  BCs are self adhesive inserts that top your miniature bases and come in a variety of styles and sizes.  But we soon noticed a problem.  You can’t mount the mini to a base until the cheater is mounted first.  I don’t know anyone that wants to paint over a finished base.  So we needed a solution that turned that liability into an asset.

We borrowed an idea from a friend of mine that likes to do a bit of sculpting and came up with our own handle for painting.  It’s similar in concept to the Citadel Painting Handle but instead of clamping to a base, this clamps to the pins.  We always recommend pinning your miniature but with Base Cheaters it’s somewhat required if you want it to last.  I glued a Juggernaut directly to a cheater to see what would happen and so far it’s been fine.  But there is flex and I’m sure over time and use it’ll get worse until the adhesive simply fails.  That’s why pinning.

This painting handle is fairly simple to make but they are available in the online store for $6.95 and one will come free with the Variety Pack, limit one free per person.  Also, returning customers will receive one free regardless of purchase volume.  We’re doing this because they are meant to work together and it was an oversight on our part, not accounting for the painting of the miniature.

You can view the handle here.

Have a look at our Base Cheaters here.

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