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Think of it like a resin base that you don’t have to paint and costs half as much or less.

Base Cheaters are a self adhesive inserts for decorating your bases.  If basing is the bane of your existence then these are for you.  Heck, even if you just crave convenience, these are for you.  Peel, stick, done.  We call them cheaters because it’s almost like cheating.  Almost.

We always recommend pinning your minis to get the most longevity out the the adhesive insert.  Always make sure the base is clean from contaminants as this may  cause the adhesive to fail.

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Get 12 – 30mm, 8 – 40mm or 6 – 50mm cheaters and 36 self-adhesive grass tufts of various sizes for each set.  Or get the Variety Pack and get all of the above for a 16% discount!  These are tailored for a Privateer Press style base to accommodate the rounded edge, therefore the cheater is smaller than the actual base size.  Size options are listed for the base size, not actual size of the cheater.

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Swamp, Shire, Mountain, Desert


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Tuft Color

2mm – Winter, 4mm – Burnt, 4mm – Red, 4mm – Spring, 4mm – Summer, 4mm – Winter


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