The Base Cheater System

Base Cheaters are a quick, easy way to base your miniatures.  It only takes a minute and it’s permanent.  BCs are self adhesive inserts that top your miniature bases and come in a variety of styles and sizes.  But we soon noticed a problem.  You can’t mount the mini to a base until the cheater is mounted first.  I don’t know anyone that wants to paint over a finished base.  So we needed a solution that turned that liability into an asset.

We borrowed an idea from a friend of mine that likes to do a bit of sculpting and came up with our own handle for painting.  It’s similar in concept to the Citadel Painting Handle but instead of clamping to a base, this clamps to the pins.  We always recommend pinning your miniature but with Base Cheaters it’s somewhat required if you want it to last.  I glued a Juggernaut directly to a cheater to see what would happen and so far it’s been fine.  But there is flex and I’m sure over time and use it’ll get worse until the adhesive simply fails.  That’s why pinning.

This painting handle is fairly simple to make but they are available in the online store for $6.95 and one will come free with the Variety Pack, limit one free per person.  Also, returning customers will receive one free regardless of purchase volume.  We’re doing this because they are meant to work together and it was an oversight on our part, not accounting for the painting of the miniature.

You can view the handle here.

Have a look at our Base Cheaters here.

Review – Citadel Plastic Glue

TL;DR | Get it.

The Details:

Games Workshop is a company that people seem to either love, hate, love to hate or hate to love.  I love them.  I don’t play Warhammer or any of their IPs, for that matter, but their sculpts…oh my.  Their models are a joy to build, being well engineered, well thought out and well sculpted.  The howdah on my Stegadon’s back even has a slight canting to it, as though it’s moving with the animal.  Great work.  So what’s this about plastic glue?

I was meeting a friend for Warmachine, totally last minute and my Trollblood army was in complete disarray.  Half of them needed to be based, so I thought, “I’ll just do it at the shop while we chit chat”, or something like that.  Does anyone still say “chit chat”?  I don’t unless I’m writing an article, apparently.  Long story short, I forgot my glue.  On the GW paint rack was their special plastic glue.  I knew it said plastic glue but I assumed it was super glue or some other version of CA (cyanoacrylate) glue.  Wrong.  It didn’t do anything except make a mess.  My assumption was wrong.

From my observation it works like this: The glue chemically reacts with the surface of the model, melting it slightly.  This causes the two surfaces of a joint to mix, fusing two pieces into one.  It’s a great solution for areas where pinning is not practical and there’s not enough surface area for a strong bond with superglue.  I didn’t feel like pinning any pieces on this model would have done much good, or as least not enough to be worth the effort.

That being said, it’s a fantastic glue for its intended purpose.  That purpose is building plastic GW models specifically.  This is a good thing.  GW built a system of model building, a good one, and their glue is part of that system.  I’m fairly certain it is not a GW specific glue, it just needs to be matched with the correct plastic.  For example, I’ve not had good results with my Privateer Press models even though they are plastic.  As a bonus, your fingers are not plastic so no ‘instantly bonds to skin’ nonsense.

Let’s move to the bottle.  I have the ‘thin’ version.  Which, unfortunately, is in no way associated with body by nacho.  But the metal nozzle provides all kinds of control and I have very little problem with squeeze out between two pieces.  And since it’s plastic glue, it won’t dry to the inside and clog.  Good stuff.

This is my new favorite modeling glue and I’ll very likely clean the bottle, when it’s empty, and refill it with Gorilla Superglue.  It’s definitely worth keeping a bottle on the shelf.  Now, how about pewter glue?

Not familiar?  Have a look here.

A Tale of Two Airbrushes

I come from a background in woodworking and one home improvement field or another.  I was a carpenter/re-modeler, now I’m a locksmith.  Both require tools.  Art is no different.  It requires tools.  Instead of a table saw we have foam cutters.  Exacto knives over skil saws and airbrushes over paint sprayers.  The airbrush is an amazing tool and if you can get good at it, can give you amazing results.  Not everyone cares to produce an award winning model with their airbrush though.  Everyone has different needs.  If you’re in the market for one what should you get?  That’s what we’ll cover here.Continue reading

Building the Flock Box!

It’s certainly been a while since I posted anything but happy to post this.  There are a couple commercially available versions but it’s still fun to build my own tools.  Enjoy.


Static Grass Goodness

I set out to make an easy video just to get one out but ended up being the most complicated, post production wise.  Was totally worth the effort though.

Counter Strike Ringtones!



In an act of true nerdery and for you’re listening pleasure, I have made a ringtone from the glory days of gaming.  That’s right: Counter Strike.  Head on over to the Downloads page and bask in the glow of nostalgia.

Zip file has .mp3 and .m4r versions.

Casting Merlin’s Magic In Hirst Arts Molds

Really been working hard on improving the quality of my movie making and it’s finally starting to pay off.  This video is a remake of one I did using Durham’s Water Putty, which sucked.  Since then I’ve put quite a bit of effort into refining the process into something that will yield consistent high quality results with a minimum of defects.

This is the best I’ve been able to come up with and I think it’s the best method/process out there.  Hope you all enjoy it.


Smooth-Cast 320 Demo

New to casting resins?  Take a look at how Smooth-On’s Smooth-Cast 320 works.  Complete with bloopers.  Also handy to watch if you are planning on joining us for the upcoming Ruined Tower project.